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Be The First to Experience the New Era of TFT “Everyone’s Interconnected, Everyone’s Socialized”

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Be The First to Experience the New Era of TFT “Everyone’s Interconnected, Everyone’s Socialized”

August 07
22:39 2019

The blockchain technology with Bitcoin as the front figure has just reached a decade. The rise of the “marginal power” of the blockchain is like the counterattack of the underclass, and it is self-indulgent in this future wealth war. The industry is picking up, under the cover of massive bubbles, the regular army is marching into the field. Blockchain is still the new hot spot of global technological development, and this dusted treasures are about to be opened. Too many unknown variables are coming together with the future.

On the 8th August 2019, the results after more than 160 professional developers worked day after day – TFT (toffee), the token will be launched on, which belongs to the world’s first-line cryptoexchange — OKEx.

TFT is a token issued by T-Factory, and the beginning of its circulation has a important significance. From this moment on, TFT as a value carrier will undergo a test of consensus and the market. At the same time, more and more users and blockchain believers and investors will participate in the ecological development of T-Factory. T-Factory will also continue to serve its APP community and global blockchain users, allowing users to experience T-Factory’s next-generation blockchain technology and various DAPPs based on the T-Factory APP.

The T-Factory chain is a high-performance public-chain platform that is truly built for massive business operations. T-Factory’s unique three-tier architecture which includes main chain, business chain, and trusted chain, can handle getting business of any size on chain. T-Factory’s vision is to build a public blockchain infrastructure that’s tailor made for Dapp.

Using blockchain technology and decentralized network protocols, T-Factory will be the first secure, complete communications ecosystem that breaks through traditional firewalls. It connects anyone in any location in a simple and secure way to achieve truly global unimpeded communications and lead people into an unprecedented blockchain communication era.

The world needs a credible communication network to discuss hobbies, share stories and speak freely. When people are connected, they can share their true ideas and establish meaningful relationships freely and safely, then innovation can be produced.

T-Factory aims to reshape the traditional communication network through a series of new technology solutions to create a high-performance, community-autonomous public-chain platform that can support real-world business activities. T-Factory is committed to providing secure, high-quality, low-cost communication cloud services, including messaging, voice telephony, video calling, VoIP, VPN, CDN, live streaming, IoT data interaction, etc., enabling blockchain technology and social networking. In the process of integration, T-Factory can become the the important participant, the contributor, and the leader.

From the point of view of the delicate balance between the technology and the application, many people are still struggling between these two, and only few people who really understands the rules. T-Factory addresses the complex needs of real-world business activities through plug-able service chains, and separates financial settlement from business logic to accommodate real business operations; seamlessly links the ledgers on the main chain, the service chain and off-chain, which can be used to store, process, schedule and settle any economic activity in real life businesses.

T-Factory will establish an advanced and complete community management system through its token — TFT, so that each member group and community can better manage and serve the users, which not only completely changes the structure of the community network, but also through the distributed social network that bases on blockchain technology, T-Factory attempts to incite the entire cryptocurrency field.

T-Factory is centered around community users and entertainment players. In a decentralized and trustworthy way, the contribution and rewards of all community participants are fair, reasonable and unexploited, so every community participant can achieve the corresponding value. Due to the nature of its decentralization, T-Factory will be a completely open, super-community ecosystem with over 100 million members that transcends national borders. It will completely reshape the existing social and entertainment industry operating model and the economic incentive system itself, and become a fully decentralized community ecosystem that is internally self-circulated.

The successful development of the T-Factory proves that though there is a huge bubble in the blockchain industry, but there is still a team that is steady and honest and working hard. Every day and night they struggled was not for the momentary glitz, but to really create solutions to the problems in the social process and to increase the global connectivity. This globally connected community and unified security communication solution can increase and expand opportunities for people to really connect, which is the true purpose of the T-Factory.

Stand on a new starting point in the social industry and recall the hundreds of days that have passed. The original intention of breaking the monopoly of the industry giants, has not changed; the original intention of giving back to the participants who reached a consensus with T-Factory and contributed to the development of the project, has not changed.

Rome is not built in one day, that is why it had many roads that led to it.

The future of the blockchain will be decentralized applications, and everyone who believes in blockchain should look further. T-Factory is like a Noah’s Ark that is breaking the bubbles and taking on sail into the future. If you are willing to board, it will be able to take you to the wonderful world as the first ones.

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