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Techstars Venture Fund Announce Launch of their Large Funded Contract Trading Platform – iTraders

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Techstars Venture Fund Announce Launch of their Large Funded Contract Trading Platform – iTraders

February 24
20:34 2020

As the rise of cryptocurrency gradually stabilizes, and the cryptocurrency market enters a stage of turbulence and fluctuations, investors’ enthusiasm for cryptocurrency has gradually shifted to the derivatives trading market, especially the demand for leverage and contract transactions has increased.

Techstars Venture Fund is keenly aware of changes in the market and is the first to provide better quality services to contract investors. Create the world’s top blockchain derivative trading platform, iTraders.

The iTraders platform is designed to resolve the pain points of the cryptocurrency derivatives market. iTraders is a global leading crypto asset contract auto copying trading service platform. The platform is designed to provide services to investors, crypto asset investment analysts, and market investment brokers.

In order to solve investors pain points, iTraders platform is led by internationally renowned analysts, combined with the platform’s unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) cloud intelligent analysis system, to provide users with one-click copying trading contract and order service. Users can open and close freely. Users provide stable and efficient contract operations with a steadily increasing return. And 24/7 continuous tracking of the market, no longer to worry about miss out the prime time market.

iTraders Core Advantages

1. Intelligent order splitting strategy: After the platform accepts the client’s entrusted order follow-up operation, the platform will select multiple cryptocurrency for joint operations according to the market. “One order multi-currency operation” solves the traditional method of entrusted desperate bets, eliminating extreme market revenue. Losses, ensuring that user benefits continue to increase consistently.

2. Cryptocurrency binary options: iTraders provides investors with a new investment option that is “easy to trade, convenient, and fast in return” by providing digital currency binary options business. Users only need to judge the market’s ups and downs for a fixed period of time in the future, and then they can make trading choices.

3. Contract leverage trading: iTraders provides 50-200 times the contract leverage to choose freely and able to control the risk more accurately. And provides 10 type of mainstream cryptocurrency contract transactions that with fees profit dividends.

4. Cryptocurrency lending: iTraders platform provides low-rate lending services, customers can freely choose the amount of loans, scientifically enlarge the proportion of assets for platform trading business use. At the same time, the platform will provide risk notifications and matching recommendations to loan customers to help them grow faster and solve their cash flow problems.

iTraders will depend on Techstars Venture Fund’s professional experience and rich resources in the field of blockchain finance to provide a comprehensive, secure, efficient, professional, and intelligent trading platform for all users with transaction needs, and build it into the world’s top blockchain derivatives financial trading platform provides maximum protection for the interests of each customer.

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