How to Exert Happy Hormones Self Care For Life

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How to Exert Happy Hormones Self Care For Life

July 10
17:58 2020

It was during this period in my life when I realized I was going in the wrong direction – I recently moved from abroad and was settling in. However, instead of being happy, I was seeing myself with crazy mood swings, irritability, frustration, loneliness and though I hate to use the word, ‘Depression’. I didn’t like the way I was progressing in my life and took a hard stand to understand what that ONE reason was which would bring a shift in me. After a lot of research and analysis, I realized it was these Hormones that were driving me in a path that I didn’t intend going. I studied more to understand what all impact it can have on us and then figured out ways to boost those Happy Hormones.

Below are major ways you can bring those happy hormones and strategies to improve them. However, if you feel continuously depressed and none of these remedies help you switch, see your physician without delay.


Listening to music is a perfect way to get a dopamine hit: in a 2011 study published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers at McGill University confirmed that listening to music that you enjoy (especially if it gives you chills) is a boost to feel-good dopamine.

Eat carbs

Carbohydrates raise serotonin levels, which partially explain why we desire sweet, starchy foods while we are feeling low. For the strongest attitude improvement for the least detrimental effect, use safe, high-fiber sources of carbs such as dense whole-grain bread or quinoa.

Spend time with those you love

Get an oxytocin boost by doing pleasurable things like spending time cuddling with your partner/husband, your kids or your pet(s), instead of spending time on social media.

Alleviate stress

Increase estrogen through tension relieving practices like exercise, meditation, having a hot bath — or something that fits for you. Moreover, by eating well and avoiding saturated fat and sugar and avoiding stress, keeps your progesterone at optimum levels. And while at it, read up on the best ways to remember that you are worthy of happiness.

Somehow, even though most of us know and understand we have hormonal changes happening from early in our life through various phases that we pass through – we do not certainly take necessary measures to ensure a ‘balance’ in them. An imbalance comes in several forms & for various reasons. If stress can be blamed to release cortisol hormones, the impact of it can be sleep apnea and weight gain. Similarly, if the endocrine system is hit then ailments like Thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, Autoimmune symptoms, PMS, Diabetes, Depression etc. All that we think we should do when diagnosed with any ailments or general weight gain is – see a doctor, pop a pill and leave it. Alas!! We lose the battle with our body, mind and soul.

I was also one among you few years back when I was in my late 20’s and was not only suffering with multiple ailments but was also obese who could hardly wear any of those enticing attire nor could push myself through activities like playing with my kids, trekking etc. ! I was asked to take multiple medications to ease me through pain and it was then I thought – if I was on medication from now, what would I be doing after half a decade? I was also cautioned to lose weight else my auto immune symptoms would get worse and I was scared with the thoughts that breezed through and decided to take action. Again, like most of us do, I used the quick fix tool ‘Google’ to find out what diet I can be on, what different workouts I should be doing and which non-surgical methods I could use to cut fat from my body. All the different experiments I used on myself worked for a while but I would easily start putting on weight once I stopped. It was frustrating that everything I tried was futile and was leading nowhere.

I then decided to take it as a challenge and delved into the crux of the issue, “Hormones”. After years of research and analysis, here I am today – not only lost 30kgs but am also free of all the ailments that I mentioned above. In short I am MEDICATION FREE and live my life on my terms. I am now on a mission to help 8 WOMEN in their 30s and 40s to achieve their dream body using my unique strategy – Reset Your Hormones.

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