Howard Mann Offers No-Nonsense Solutions with The Business Brickyard

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Howard Mann Offers No-Nonsense Solutions with The Business Brickyard

July 14
00:46 2020
Howard Mann Offers No-Nonsense Solutions with The Business Brickyard

Howard Mann, Founder, The Business Brickyard
Most Businesses Need Not Fail

NEW YORK, NY – Business turnaround consulting is essential for any struggling business, and no one does it quite like Howard Mann and The Business Brickyard. Where most consulting agencies or business coaches focus on catch-all, abstract strategies, Howard offers concrete, practical, straightforward solutions for turning a failing business into one that thrives.

Founded in 2001, The Business Brickyard offers business turnaround consulting and coaching like no other. They work at the intersection of business and life coaching and put an emphasis on understanding the business and the owner at a core level in order to revitalize the business and the owner at the same time. To them, the owner of a business is the business, and to work on one without working on the other is a futile effort.

The Business Brickyard is pleased to offer a new, 60-day collaborative program called The Business Brickyard Survival and Revival Program. This new offering has a special focus on helping both the business and the owner — never one without the other. From there, strategies are formed in order to help maintain a business and figure out its next steps. This is the perfect program for getting through tough times, and with the current state of affairs in the world, there’s never been a better time to make use of it.

This method isn’t flattering, it isn’t “sexy,” and it isn’t filled with corporate jargon. The goal is to get straight to the point, get to the heart of the matter, and allow businesses and their owners to break through to the success they deserve. For businesses struggling to make ends meet, nobody is better at pulling them back from the brink.

Founder Howard Mann is a player-coach who turns his game-changing business strategies into reality for business owners and entrepreneurs who are brave enough to ask for help. “Entrepreneurs that own and operate their own business want more than typical weekly coaching calls and have grown tired of strategic consultants that charge big fees but only create incremental results,” he says. “What they need is a player-coach that combines talking with getting the important actions done for them.”

Prior to founding The Business Brickyard, Howard was the president of an international logistics company with $150 million in revenue, six U.S. offices, and a network of over 35 agents worldwide. After completing 6 acquisitions in 4 years, the business was then sold in January 2000. He is also the author of the acclaimed book Your Business Brickyard – Getting Back to Basics to Make your Business More Fun to Run.

Struggling entrepreneurs who are serious about rehabilitating their business can find The Business Brickyard at their website and pick up Howard’s book here. For more information, fill out the form on their contact page, or call them directly at (646) 907-8969.

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