Essential Oil Meets Body Lotion: Meckiss Body Lotion To Give people Double Skin Care Effect

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Essential Oil Meets Body Lotion: Meckiss Body Lotion To Give people Double Skin Care Effect

July 14
20:03 2020

Meckiss, as a skin care brand from Britain, has emerged in the market, and is active in the public’s vision with its “skin care effect” makeup remover and facial cleanser advocating “microecological balance of skin”. In fact, Meckiss series products also have a less well-known body lotion, which is also a skin care boutique.

As everyone knows, essential oils have a good effect on body care, and body lotion is also an basic product for skin care. So when essential oils meet body lotion, what kind of skin care effect will it have? This is Meckiss essential oil body lotion, which innovatively integrates various natural plant essential oils into body lotion, and develops a body lotion with various functions such as moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-oxidation, whitening skin, etc. It saves consumers the cost of extra essential oil and the cumbersome steps of using essential oil and body lotion separately. Various nutrients are concentrated in this bottle of Meckiss essential oil body lotion.

Before Meckiss body lotion went to market, it had received multi-dimensional evaluation related to body lotion. According to the results, the skin moisture content increased by 45% on average after using Meckiss body lotion. The fluorescent agent content of Meckiss body lotion is 0, which means that the “pure natural plant ingredients” advertised by Meckiss body lotion is not just a slogan, but also that it has never used any chemical ingredients to fake the skin whitening effect.

The quality of Meckiss body lotion can also be seen from its zero bad feedback on Tmall, a Chinese e-commerce platform.

About Meckiss

Meckiss is a niche skin care brand originated in London. Adhering to the R&D concept of “ingredient first”, and selecting effective skin care ingredients, it has a firm foothold among Chinese consumers and has a certain market position. Through advanced skin care technology and unique formula, with various natural ingredients from nature, it can effectively maintain different skin types.

“Be your own queen, every woman deserves the most noble skin care courtesy” is the service tenet of Meckiss, and strives to bring noble, beautiful and happy skin care experience to every beauty lover. Stimulate the beauty of women’s original skin and cultivate elegant self-confidence from the inside out.

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