Contemporary Art and Contemporary Architecture, What Is Common?

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Contemporary Art and Contemporary Architecture, What Is Common?

July 14
21:35 2020

Unlike anything that had come before it, modern architecture was not an evolution of its predecessors. The modern movement threw out the decorative designs of the 19th century. It replaced them with straight lines, whitewashed facades, open spaces, and large windows. The difference between modern and traditional architecture was stark and progressive.

Fort Lauderdale architects Rex Nichols Architects (RNA) consider contemporary architecture the architecture of today. Contemporary architecture is an evaluation of modern architecture, instead of the revolution that modern art was. Usually, New York architects and Dubai architects design contemporary architecture that retains the open spaces and the simplicity of modern architecture, there are influences from Deconstruction and Sustainability, but there is no limit of what contemporary architecture can achieve. Frequently contemporary architecture can be seen as contemporary art. 

Both art and architecture reflect and influence the times during which they are created. Advances in technology have also expanded what is possible in both disciplines.

Although the periods of modern art and modern architecture differ slightly, both movements were at their peak during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw massive upheavals in society; this was a period of rapid technological progress, the great depression, and two world wars. The modern era was a period in which the world saw unprecedented technological advancements and, at the same time, discovered how destructive technology could be.

The post-war years of the 50s and 60s were a chance to rebuild the world anew. The devastated cities of Europe needed to be reconstructed fast. And there was a desire to consign the horror and the austerity of the war years to the past. The post-war years also saw the gradual introduction of affordable world travel, which marked the first steps towards globalization.

Although art and architecture serve two different purposes, both reflect the society of the time. In contrast, contemporary art and architecture both reflect the social awareness of today.

Contemporary art has also changed to reflect the changes in society. Classic art was a faithful reproduction of life, and modern art was an interpretation or impression of real life. Contemporary art, though, usually has a message to convey. Contemporary art is more of a comment on life than it is a representation of life.

Technology has also expanded the scope art. Whereas classical and modern art was restricted to mediums such as painting and sculpture, contemporary art can make use of new mediums like video and computer graphics.

Throughout the ages, both art and architecture have reflected the culture of the time.

The terms modern and contemporary do often get confused. Even so, whether you label it contemporary or modern, art and architecture usually run side by side, and they are both a reflection on society.


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