“Supernatural Help for Mae” New Book by Wilda Mae Schooley – Supernatural Eye-Opener for Anyone of Faith

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“Supernatural Help for Mae” New Book by Wilda Mae Schooley – Supernatural Eye-Opener for Anyone of Faith

October 14
21:36 2020

Supernatural Help for Mae by Wilda Mae Schooley is an inspiring testimony of one woman’s experiences with God when she needed to touch the almighty more than at any other point in here life. To learn more about this unique woman we spent the afternoon with Schooley to hear what she had to say.

“I lived alone and an accident forced me to be really conscious of my surroundings as I got older. I began to wear a medical alert necklace and was fitted with a pacemaker, but there is a lot more to my story than that. I began to experience sensations that are difficult to even begin putting into words, this book is my attempt to do that.”

Interesting, so what other details of her story should we know about so that we can understand where she is coming from, and what she was experiencing?

“What I haven’t told you is that I found harmony through a combination of the community around me, my friends, my relationship with God, and a whole host of natural remedies. Each one of them allowed me to experience something new and really learn about what life and faith are all about. Without them in my life I wouldn’t have been able to get the help I so badly needed at that time, and I certainly wouldn’t be sat here talking to you today!”

It’s truly inspiring when you hear someone speak with such courage, conviction and passion like this, so what does she have in store next? Will there be a followup piece that updates her audience on how she’s doing and the direction her life has taken her in?

“I just want to continue to spread my message and connect with as many people as possible. It’s why I’ve made this book short and sweet – I want it to be able to touch people from all walks of life in ways they can’t even imagine when they first pick it up. I can tell you from experience just what a difference it makes when you have faith in your life and love and help around you for support. Now that I have finally been able to express myself and get my experiences down on paper, I want to be able to share them with the world so that everyone else can experience the same awakening and light in their life that I’ve had the chance to enjoy.”

To immerse yourself in a testimony of faith and experience unlike any other, visit Amazon.com today and learn more about this truly extraordinary woman.

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