Blue Light Glasses Filters Light Frequencies Which Disrupt Natural Sleep Rhythms

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Blue Light Glasses Filters Light Frequencies Which Disrupt Natural Sleep Rhythms

October 15
18:21 2020
Blue Light Glasses Filters Light Frequencies Which Disrupt Natural Sleep Rhythms
BlockBlueLight UK offers a line of glasses and lights which block the harmful blue light frequencies that have been shown to disrupt sleep rhythms. Exposure to certain light frequencies can result in fatigue, headaches, digital eye strain, and macular degeneration.

BlockBlueLight UK and Daniel Ebbett are pleased to announce that the company’s research into the causes of chronic insomnia and related fatigue has determined that natural sleep rhythms are interrupted by the presence of blue light frequencies, such as those emitted by many computer monitor screens and similar devices. The firm’s founder developed a series of products, including blue light glasses, which effectively block the frequencies in the specific range, which has been shown to tell the body that it is time to sleep or wake up.  

According to Daniel Ebbett, the blue light blocking glasses help overcome symptoms ranging from fatigue to headaches to eye strain and even macular degeneration. The premium glasses and light bulbs limit the wearer’s exposure to the specific frequencies of light, which reduces the levels of melatonin in the body. By lowering the melatonin, it is possible to fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep for a longer period of time, and awaken feeling rested and refreshed. Improved sleep habits mean more ability to focus, higher energy levels, and an overall sense of wellbeing. 

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Glasses appropriate for night-time use are needed because of the many devices which have been embedded into daily life. These include lights, televisions, computer screens, and smartphones. Even the lights inside a refrigerator emit levels of blue light. Long hours in front of any of these devices tells the body to suppress melatonin and ultimately affect the circadian rhythm cycles. The blue light blocking glasses designed for night-time use are proven to block all of the blue light frequencies. 

For daytime computer use, or when artificial light is used, special computer glasses are designed to reduce blue light across the entire spectrum by 50 percent. Specifically, the glasses target frequencies in the 455 mm range, which is the strongest wavelength for light emitted from LED lighting and digital devices. 

About the Company:  

BlockBlueLight UK was founded in 2016 to promote and distribute a line of blue light blocking products, including glasses and lighting. The products are suitable for gamers and others who work under artificial light.

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