Spirit Animal Coffee Set To Disrupt Third Wave Coffee Movement And Build A New Name For Honduras Cash Crop

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Spirit Animal Coffee Set To Disrupt Third Wave Coffee Movement And Build A New Name For Honduras Cash Crop

October 16
16:30 2020
Spirit Animal Coffee Set To Disrupt Third Wave Coffee Movement And Build A New Name For Honduras Cash Crop
The first subscription-based specialty coffee brand is helping small-scale coffee farmers shed the underdog tag and build its reputation on the high-end coffee scene.

Lewes, DE – Spirit Animal Coffee, a Delaware-based company, announced the launch of its sales on 10/13. The brand, which focuses on developing and promoting shade-grown micro-lot coffee from Honduras, has set sail to disrupt the specialty coffee market and revolutionize the Third Wave coffee movement in the states by offering a subscription model and drastically shortening the logistics chain from coffee harvesting to customers.

“What we know as “fresh roast” is actually coffee that is roasted in the US and sent right away to consumers. But before that, it has to be transported from the sourcing country via sea route, which usually takes weeks. Coffee deteriorates along the way because of high temperatures or inadequate storing. We managed to build our own supply chain from crop to cup. We roast our coffee directly in Honduras and have it shipped by air freight. So instead of weeks, our coffee takes mere days to get to our customers. The taste is something totally different.” – Kathya Irias, Co-founder

Spirit Animal is devoted to promoting and improving Honduran coffee reputation on the global specialty coffee market. Building direct access to customers, the company will help sell Honduran specialty coffee at a fairer price, allowing small-scale coffee farmers to make higher profits and reinvest them in building more sustainable farming practices to improve the cupping profile of their coffees.

“For the longest time, Honduras has been associated with commercial-grade coffee. Local farmers were often deceived by the buyers regarding the true potential of their beans. But when sampled by independent coffee graders, many of the microlot coffees grown in Honduras scored 90 points or above on the coffee quality scale. By connecting small-scale producers with customers seeking high-quality coffee, we want to increase the farmers’ revenue share and help them invest in building better and more sustainable practices.” – Kathya Irias, Co-founder

The upcoming launch in the States is a curtain-raiser for Spirit Animal Coffee, but many more markets are soon to follow, like Australia, Japan, and the Middle East, where high-end Honduran coffee is already building a solid fan base among specialty coffee lovers.

Spirit Animal Coffee is a specialty coffee brand committed to developing and promoting sustainable coffee culture. A market innovator, it offers high-end coffee via a subscription model. Managing its own supply chain coffee farms to shipping, Spirit Animal selects its coffee from high-altitude shade-grown micro-lots in Honduras and delivers it to its customers via air freight, considerably shortening the time from harvest to cup.

For more information on our mission and our coffees, visit spiritanimalcoffee.com.


  • Spirit Animal Coffee announces the launch of its US operations on 10/13
  • High-altitude, shade-grown micro-lot coffees to be delivered to customers in shorter times thanks to the company’s own coffee supply chain and by using air instead of sea freight
  • Direct access to consumers will help local farmers build more sustainable practices and increase visibility of high-quality Honduran coffee in the global specialty coffee market

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