Book Printing Services: Catering to the Needs of Readers and Writers Alike According to

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Book Printing Services: Catering to the Needs of Readers and Writers Alike According to

October 17
00:33 2020
Book Printing Services: Catering to the Needs of Readers and Writers Alike According to

Books have existed for hundreds of years according to some historical records. Many accounts point to the Bible produced via Johannes Gutenberg’s press as the first official printed book made available to the public. Recent discoveries indicate that information may be inaccurate, though. In fact, some sources say printed books may have been developed hundreds of years earlier during the 800s A.D. Despite today’s technology, printed books continue to hold the public’s interest. Some may go so far as to call it a fascination. 

The Modern-Day Conversion of Books

As difficult as it may be to believe, electronic versions of books have now been on the market for more than 20 years. E-readers first reached store shelves back in 1997. Since then, their popularity has been on a continual uptick. In the beginning, only a handful of titles were available in digital form. Now, though, virtually any book imaginable can be downloaded to an e-reader for the public’s enjoyment according to 

Many are surprised to learn that the general concept of electronic books isn’t as new as most people think. In truth, the first version of an automated reader was developed back in 1949. It was created by a teacher who wanted to make matters easier for her students. As she watched them carry around heavy loads of books, she decided there must be a better way. Her invention was an ingenious one but apparently ahead of its time. 

Back to the Basics

Though e-books have skyrocketed to fame over the last couple of decades, not everyone wants to read their selections on some version of an electronic tablet. Many prefer to hold their reading materials in their hands and leaf through the pages. Even the smell of an open book can elicit feelings of happiness and nostalgia. Few things can compare to the feel of the pages between your fingers and the satisfaction of turning to that last page to see how a story ends. Many companies are catering to people with this mindset as you’ll find when you visit their site.

Experiencing a Revival

It seems the recent pandemic may have been responsible for much of the public taking a new look at the joys of reading. While millions of people across the globe were on lockdown, many turned away from the repetitive shows and movies on television and immersed themselves in books. This development is further detailed in the recent write-up, Paging through pandemic: Reading gets a COVID lift.

In some cases, people took the matter to yet another level while sheltering in place. Many took the opportunity to write their own short stories, novels, and memoirs. At this point, they’re looking to have their work published. This option is now available to anyone thanks to companies like Printivity.

Books held ample allure when they were first made available to the public. Once mass production came into play, they were readily available to almost everyone. Though e-readers led to a decline in non-digital book sales, the fascination with technology quickly wore off. This led to a revival of traditional book sales that isn’t likely to fade away.

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