Dr. Conway McLean Utilizes Regenerative Medicine Techniques to Heal Chronic Pain

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Dr. Conway McLean Utilizes Regenerative Medicine Techniques to Heal Chronic Pain

October 17
02:27 2020
McLean uses non-drug treatments to repair damage from old injuries and many chronic problems.

October 16, 2020 – Modern medicine continues to develop beneficial new techniques, with one of the most consequential novel methods being regenerative medicine. Dr. Conway McLean, a physician practicing foot and ankle medicine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has utilized multiple regenerative techniques. This burgeoning new approach to relieving pain has been used by many, including numerous professional athletes.

With regenerative medicine, McLean, director of Superior Foot and Ankle Centers, is able to “jump start” the healing process without the use of drugs or surgery. These methods stimulate the body’s natural healing, leading to stronger, better tissue, be it a healthier tendon or stronger joint. This is achieved by employing the power of stem cells, the engine that drives regeneration, and is essential to these methods. Stem cells become any kind of tissue, most importantly, the healthy kind. The concept is to grow stronger cells, whether it’s tendon, joint capsule, whatever is needed.

One technique receiving considerable “press” is that of platelet-rich plasma, typically referred to as PRP. The material injected into the problematic area is derived from the patient’s own blood so there are no concerns of hypersensitivity or disease transmission. Some famous athletes have made use of this method of regenerative medicine, giving it some notoriety.

A newer approach to regenerative medicine is with use of amniotic tissue products. This is obtained from a planned C-section, of great benefit since placental structures are a plentiful source of growth factors, substances which signal the recruitment of those so-desirable stem cells. These materials are being used for chronic wounds, chronic injuries, arthritis, and a host of other applications.

One of the most significant benefits of regenerative techniques is it works whenever healing is needed, but is not dependent on the type of structure or problem. Tendonitis, a sprain, chronic heel pain, and many others, regenerative techniques are effective for all.

About Dr. Conway McLean

Conway McLean DPM is a premier expert on foot and ankle medicine, having lectured on the topic hundreds of times, to various audiences. His patients are his primary focus, but he also manages to keep an ear out for new breakthroughs in technology. As director of Superior Foot and Ankle Centers, McLean utilizes numerous regenerative techniques including PRP, amniotic fluids and tissues, prolotherapy, ESWT, and others.

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