Worldwide Usage of Quality Hand Sanitizers and Shrink Wraps is Exploding Due to Necessity

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Worldwide Usage of Quality Hand Sanitizers and Shrink Wraps is Exploding Due to Necessity

October 19
10:04 2020

Covid-19 has changed the global landscape of products and services forever.  What businesses took for granted, even in Canada, in the methods of serving customers and providing goods and services, is now no longer applicable.  Stricter requirements for all businesses exist in the way of safely serving customers, no matter what type of business it is.  Hand sanitizer usage and shrink wrapping every product from automotive to food to pharmaceuticals is now a mandate.  Even hair salons and spas must follow these requirements.  Hand sanitizers must be provided to all employees and be used by all visitors to a business in order to stay open.  Shrink wrapping of all products must occur after sanitation to preserve sanitation.  It is a challenge for a lot of businesses in Toronto, the GTA, and even now globally.  Buying retail products to meet the mandates of the Canadian government and the Public Safety Commission regulations in Canada and the mandates globally is expensive for businesses.  This is where Millennium 3000 of Toronto comes in to assist.

World leaders are providing guidance that includes hand sanitizers and shrink-wrapped goods. 

In addition to social distancing, and other measures there is a general consensus among world leaders that although hand washing kills germs, having hand sanitizers and shrink wrapping of all goods enhances safety immensely as hand washing is not practical for all customers or employees throughout any given business day.  Especially when dealing with a large amount of clientele and employees, quality hand sanitizers now must be provided by most businesses in most countries.  Shrink wrapping of foods and other goods especially consumable goods does appear in most shops and grocery stores now, both in Canada and across the world.  Some businesses in addition to this, are only partially opened, so affordability of these products is a primary concern, as businesses have been losing money both in Canada and across the globe throughout the Covid-19 ordeal. 

Cost-effectiveness is a primary concern with hand sanitizers and shrink wrapping.

Providers such as Millennium 3000 recognize this and encourage the use of their wholesale product line.  Reasonable pricing along with the highest quality must be sought to achieve compliance with the new mandates.  These mandates in effect globally and in Canada must be followed to the letter, or businesses can be shut down for non-compliance.  There was a complete shut down earlier on in Ontario and surrounding regions as well as globally of non-essential businesses and although many are now opening up again, the rules and regulations for the most part everywhere do have a set of sanitation standards that include hand sanitizers and shrink-wrapping as well as social distancing guidelines and number of employees or clients that may enter a business at a certain time.  Businesses are happy to comply just to be opened again and do seek to follow the rules regarding sanitation in order to stay open.  Millennium 3000 is assisting them in doing so in a cost-effective yet practical way.  They welcome all household, industrial and food and drug inquiries about products and will assist with advice.

About Millennium 3000

Millennium 3000 of Toronto, has been in business for many years providing hand sanitizers and shrink wrapping of all types and dimensions of goods to Toronto and the GTA.  They provide the best quality hand sanitizers and shrink wrap at wholesale prices and are now offering their products worldwide to diverse locations.  There is a contact form on the website, an FAQ, a Facebook and Twitter page, and a phone number for inquiries.  A shopping cart is provided to save items for future purchase.  Their mission is customer service and quality products.  A list of locations exists for global distribution. 

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