1000 Islands Rehab Centre Offers Alcohol Addiction Treatments for Patients Suffering From Alcohol-Related Issues

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1000 Islands Rehab Centre Offers Alcohol Addiction Treatments for Patients Suffering From Alcohol-Related Issues

October 19
10:08 2020
Thousand Islands Clinic Helps Alcohol Users From Recognition Through to Recovery.

With alcohol becoming more and more of an abused substance around the world, recognizing that an individual has an addiction can be surprisingly difficult to establish. With restrictions and lockdown measures that have been implemented on local and national levels, this problem has been exacerbated even further in 2020 as individuals suffer through not seeing families and friends.

The reasons that alcohol addictions can be difficult to recognize for individuals and people close to them is simply because of the popularity of alcohol around the world. Given its prominent role in daily life whether it is consumed at cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs or at parties, detecting when someone has become too dependent on it can be especially difficult.

Unlike other dangerous substances, alcohol is almost universally legalized, available to suit all budgets, and freely available. Accessing it is therefore easy for people of all backgrounds and means, and its use is considered socially acceptable. In many friendship groups and locations its use is regarded as ‘cool’ and part of the lifestyle, with no consideration given to its addictiveness or health ramifications.

Similarly, following nights out and parties, overuse of alcohol is often considered cool or something to be laughed at. Discussing intoxicated behavior from the night before is common the world over, and hangovers are dismissed as part of the experience.

These factors combine to mean that alcohol and its effects can be normalized. For an individual with an alcohol dependency, this may make that condition more difficult to notice, since they carry out these activities and behaviors on a regular basis. Even when these individuals are then observed drinking in an unnatural environment such as at home, it can be easy to dismiss it as simply part of that person, or ‘what they are like’.

Because of this, not only do these factors and normalization of alcohol mean that the addicted person’s friends and family do not realize there is a problem, but nor does the individual themselves. This is the primary reason that it is common for alcohol dependency issues to only be picked up by the point that there is a much more serious dependency already developed.

This situation can be more difficult to deal with for two reasons. Firstly, getting to this level of alcohol dependency may have already caused some health problems, or at the very least initiated the onset of some conditions. Secondly, the longer a person has been drinking and making it a part of their daily life, the more difficult it is to come back from that position and reduce the dependency on alcohol. This situation increases the risk of a more complicated withdrawal process.

With the help of 1000 Islands Rehab Centre, patients can get help in a more timely manner, and recognize and deal with their condition before it affects their life in a much bigger way.

About 1000 Islands Rehab Centre

1000 Islands Rehab Centre is a substance abuse treatment centre in the Thousand Island regions of Ontario. Combining accessibility with tranquility and remoteness, the centre provides patients and their friends and relatives with the best possible opportunity for recuperation from alcohol abuse, and a clear path to rebuilding their lives and relationships that may have been negatively affected.

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