Reykjavik Laundry on a mission to innovate laundry for people in Reykjavik by trying to implement self-driving cars

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Reykjavik Laundry on a mission to innovate laundry for people in Reykjavik by trying to implement self-driving cars

October 19
11:00 2020
Reykjavik Laundry on a mission to innovate laundry for people in Reykjavik by trying to implement self-driving cars
Making laundry for people easier, Reykjavik Laundry allows customers to place laundry orders from the comfort of home. Customers can use this service to place orders, the team arrives at the destination to pick up the clothes and then drops off when the work has been done. Reykjavik Laundry is also on a mission to innovate this process by trying to introduce self-driving cars to automate the whole delivery and pickup process.

Reykjavik, Iceland – Laundry is one of the most arduous chores, it takes a lot of time and effort. To make this process easier, Reykjavik Laundry brings a laundry service that people can use and be free of doing laundry ever again. Reykjavik Laundry provides the best laundry in Reykjavik, the processes being simple and hassle-free, people can easily become free of worry. Laundromat Iceland is a laundry service for people in Reykjavik that uses eco-friendly machines and simple processes. Furthermore, Reykjavik Laundry is trying to innovate the laundry service by trying to introduce self-driving cars in the Reykjavik region. Doing such will automate much of the processes for Reykjavik Laundry and will provide even more convenience for the customers.

The management at Reykjavik Laundry has already initiated the talks with the ministry of transport authority, Iceland to get the necessary licensing for the implementation of self-driving cars. So far, the responses received by the ministry indicate a positive sign that Reykjavik Laundry might be granted licensing under certain conditions to impose self-driving cars in the business process. “Article 76 Tariff Act no. 77/2019 authorizes tests on self-driving vehicles and those tests may only be carried out with the permission of the Icelandic Transport Authority,” says the email by the Icelandic Ministry as a reply to the management of Reykjavik Laundry.

Reykjavik Laundry also has a mobile application with an intuitive user interface that anyone can easily use. Simply choose a time for pickup, the team will arrive at the time, the clothes will then be washed and neatly pressed before delivering them back. The “Never Wash Again” package includes weekly laundry for a whole month.

With licensing granted to Reykjavik Laundry with regards to self-driving cars, Reykjavik Laundry aims to ease the lives of the customers even more. The self-driving vehicles will visit the destinations picking up the clothes from each customer, and then dropping off at Reykjavik Laundry. After the laundry has been done, the vehicles will then be initiated to deliver clothes to each destination.

This process will be completely new, as no such initiative has been taken before. The email from the Icelandic Ministry states “The Icelandic Transport Authority considers that it needs to be in certain consultation with the Ministry of Transport and Local Government before it will be possible to grant a permit for testing a vehicle that is self-driving, but such a permit has not been granted before.”

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