Alternative replacement for OHMITE high voltage thick film resistor

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Alternative replacement for OHMITE high voltage thick film resistor

November 18
20:16 2020
Alternative replacement for OHMITE high voltage thick film resistor

Ohmite high voltage thick film resistors alternative and replacement
HVC’s hv resistor is a good alternative replacement solution for Ohmite’s high voltage thick film resistor.

High Voltage thick film resistor is a modern type non-inductive design resistor, composite with 96% Al2O3 substrate, and Ruthenium series (RuO2) resistance paste, and burn-in 850℃. Comparing the traditional carbon film and metal film resistors. HV thick film resistor offers higher voltage withstand, higher reliability, higher working temperature, and very small temperature coefficient and stable voltage coefficient.

HVC partner with a Chinese thick film material engineering expert to start up a high voltage thick film resistor business in the year 2017. Product range from GHP/GFP range HV resistor in planar type and BSP/GOP type in cylindrical (tube) type, later expand to high energy ceramic resistor (HVC will ZnO base present ceramic disc resistor). HVC’s resistor with the same quality to world-famous thick film resistor brand EBG, and already well replacing famous high voltage resistor name like EBG, Ohmite, Vishay, TT Electronic …

The world-leading thick film resistor player including EBG resistor in Europe and Ohmite resistor / Vishay Techno resistor in the USA. Ohmite is the top famous resistor name in the American market, They acquired much smaller brand resistor manufacturer like ARCOL to provide them with thick film technology. Ohmite majorly manufacturing resistor in Mexico. But it is still not economic enough for mass production end customers. Ohmite thick film resistor product series include ARCOL ARC2, ARCOL ARC3, Maxi-MOX, Mini-Mox, Slim Mox, Super Mox. Production lead time still as long as 10 weeks.

HVC’s HV resistor series, build up by electronic engineer Mr.Xu yonglin, he has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in Chinese state-own electronic company, also have in-deep technology know-how in the field of thick film, and also rich marketing experience as general manager for China-Germany joint venture resistor company, then HVC able to apply same European thick film technology in more competitive cost, keeping the same level to EBG and Ohmite, Vishay. Production lead time can be 3 to 4 weeks for any type of thick film resistor. HVC’s HV Resistor is now accepted by the famous company like Hitek power, Spellman, and many other military grade end user like Raytheon Company.

HVC’s HV thick film resistor becomes well replacement option for high-end resistor brand Ohmite.

Major applications include X-ray systems, high voltage generators, HV precision voltage dividers, electron microscope, and many more.

Major technical data:

1) Resistance of HV resistor from 10 Ohm TO 10G Ohm
2) Working Temperature range from -65 ℃ to 275 ℃
3) Minimum temperature coefficient 25ppm/ ℃
4) Best resistance tolerance be 0.1%
5) High Voltage resistor max working voltage 40kv, and max rate power in 30Watt.

Following is popular HV thick film resistor model from Ohmite, HVC’s HVR series offer a full range replacement model.

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