Alpha Union was awarded “2020 World’s Most Stable EA” and leaps into the AI market with “The Alpha”

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Alpha Union was awarded “2020 World’s Most Stable EA” and leaps into the AI market with “The Alpha”

January 18
23:39 2021
A revolutionary trading experience with optimal pecuniary results

TORONTO, Canada – Jan 18, 2021 – Alpha Union was awarded the “2020 World’s Most Stable EA” Award. It is time to strike and set foot into the field of artificial intelligence!

With three years of formal trading on SWISSQUOTES MT4 platform, the automated trading program “KIREN360” under Alpha Union, won “2020 World’s Most Stable EA”.

In 2018, foreign exchange investments developed rapidly, and forex trading EA tech companies emerged abruptly in various regions. Many investors prefer to utilise EA trading tools; however, the current, irregular standard of EA tech companies’ causes concern for investors.

These data’s certainty determines an EA tech company’s product development and stability: net profit margin, expected profit amount, maximum loss ratio, and risk appetite. These are challenging factors, and are a sore spot for investors.

About Alpha Union and Alpha Technology Holding Limited

Alpha Technology Holding Limited (Brand name: Alpha Union), was founded by its Chief Executive Officer, William Jacks. He graduated from Cambridge University in the UK with a major in Computer Coding. In 1990, he worked in Canada for Aviva Insurance Company as the Senior Deputy Internal Manager. Later in 2002, he joined a Financial Tech company as their Chief Operating Officer (COO) and achieved outstanding results. Under William Jacks’ leadership, they firmly pushed for Alpha Union’s series of EA trading tools. Among them “KIREN360” was awarded the “2020 World’s Most Stable EA” Award by the International Association of Forex Traders.

How THE ALPHA came to be

Despite this honourable award, William Jack’s ambition did not stop here; when everyone’s attention was on the EA field, he already had his sights on expanding into the AI field. As everyone admired and followed in Alpha Union’s footsteps, they once again dropped a bomb, known as “THE ALPHA”, an AI trading system. The AI trading system resulted from 4 long years of internal adjustments, research, and development.

THE ALPHA is a multi-layered AI trading system, integrated with AWS, IBM Watson, and Google AI. Through technical analysis and algorithms, not only can it help determine the best direction and target, but it can create its own real-time index for each currency pair. Through rest API and FIX protocol, its parameters are optimised continuously to reach the best APY.  

THE ALPHA mainly uses two intelligent algorithms. First, it uses a multi-objective particle swarm optimisation algorithm to search for maximum return and minimum drawdown, which uses the sliding window method to validate the indicators and guarantee the best parameters for a particular encoding of indicators. Next, by selecting a set of indicators, the convolutional neural network is used to solve the time series classification problem. Based on THE ALPHA’s mathematical concept, the convolutional neural network architecture is similar to AlexNet, which has data augmentation functions. THE ALPHA’S most effective indicators are self-made. It was primarily made in Python as a real-time algorithm. Based on out-of-sample backtesting, THE ALPHA chose the MQL language to demonstrate our results on the MetaTrader5 (MT5) platform. THE ALPHA’s main libraries are Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas, Parallelism with ray remote and Talib.

The uniqueness of THE ALPHA

Alpha Union’s marketing team instructed our AI to use deep learning to run 9 years of sample backtesting on all 28 major forex currency pairs. Moreover, it integrated more than 100 different functions, including complex mathematical models, various timetables, technical indicators, currency filters, economic news, etc. Therefore, THE ALPHA can evaluate all strategies in real-time to determine the best course of action under the current market conditions and the latest historical price data. THE ALPHA’s decisions are not pre-programmed but are entirely made by the AI trading system. THE ALPHA considers the balance and type of contract the broker uses to calculate each trade’s sum and the client’s position size, in real-time.

Advances in the intelligence field have allowed everyone to take a bigger step into the new era. Alpha Union made it possible for everyone to enter a new AI trading era that is more fair, impartial, and inspiring. 

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