Toronto-Based Private Office Facility Uses Ingenious Tactics to Boost Client Productivity

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Toronto-Based Private Office Facility Uses Ingenious Tactics to Boost Client Productivity

September 19
11:04 2022

Rooms are often designed with purpose, though they’re rarely designed with intent. It’s a small distinction, but one that The Professional Centre has been trying to solve. The process of designing a space is typically done in broad strokes: for example, a smaller room in a centralized part of a house could become a bathroom. But the things done in that bathroom – washing up, applying makeup, and so on, may be more or less effective depending on the exact layout and available storage space. Generally, the builders will leave that usage intent out of the equation, expecting the occupant to pick and choose something specific like that. The purpose is there, but the narrower intent is missing.

But that cannot be the end of the story. Some claim that it is possible to maximize a specific intent, a use-case that gives a room much more prominence in achieving a narrow goal. With enough insight, it must be possible to maximize the productivity of a given space. The Professional Centre has leveraged their 35 years of experience in achieving that very goal. The company offers renting services for private offices, meeting rooms, and so on – and in order to stay in business for that long, they’ve had to take extreme steps to ensure that their rooms are a cut above the rest.

Step one is to have a wide variety of rooms available. Each client will have a variety of needs for the tasks they want to complete. By ensuring at least one room exists for each need, the utility of each space can be maximized in a narrower direction. So no matter a client’s specific needs, they can find a room that optimizes for that need. 

This variety also includes options for coworking, if desired. As a result, not only are individual spaces optimized, so too are the areas between spaces, where the main benefits of coworking reside. This creates an interweaving network of spaces, designed to maximize productivity whether the workers are inside a working space or not.

As for the actual content of these spaces, each one has been intentionally designed with its goals in mind. No detail is spared, right down to the paint on the walls. For instance: they had to determine which color made for the best, most professional environment. The Professional Centre aims for a bright and inspiring feel, with light colors contrasting darker floors and chairs. Light, whether delivered through large open windows or smoothly applied by artificial means, aims to eliminate darkness and bathe the area in positive feelings.

But as explained above, one size may not fit all. What of spaces, like meeting rooms, where privacy and security may be paramount? These rooms may use clean, darker colors, with the bright elements coming through a wall pattern rather than the whole wall itself. Such tactics make the room feel more secure without compromising the productive and inspirational spark that permeates the entire business.

Each room is fitted with the latest equipment relative to whatever task the room is designed for. If some clients need to attend a meeting virtually, for example, The Professional Centre will take steps to ensure a seamless connection between in-person and long-distance collaborators. Ergonomic seating will, literally, support work efforts, ensuring that longer working sessions are both practical and comfortable, and uncomfortable distractions are minimized.

Clients need only worry about getting their work done, as an army of The Professional Centre’s own support staff handle any extraneous details that would otherwise distract from productivity. This team is composed of administrative and technical professionals, dedicated to getting clients established and working as efficiently as possible.

Finally, one big-picture tactic that cannot be missed is the broader location. The Professional Centre roots itself firmly in downtown Toronto. It’s placed deep within the financial district, with prime shopping and dining areas nearby. These factors may not have obvious value when conducting the work itself, but they’re also not meant to. They exist to minimize commutes between vital areas of Toronto, letting large groups spend more time in meetings before they leave for dinner, for example. 

Thanks to all these tactics working in tandem, The Professional Centre offers a space that lets people work longer, work better, and think brighter. By combining science and experience, The Professional Centre has taken the ideas of purposeful, intentionally-designed space, and maximized them to productive ends. 

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