Tara Oliphant Releases New Book To Motivate Entrepreneurs Struggling to Push Themselves

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Tara Oliphant Releases New Book To Motivate Entrepreneurs Struggling to Push Themselves

September 30
11:18 2022

The author believes success can be achieved only when one decides they can achieve it.

The road to success is hardly ever a smoothly paved route. And more often than not, the bumps on the road are the result of our one’s lack of self-confidence. The Power of Leadership with Tara Oliphant (now for sale on Amazon) will enlighten and encourage readers to build themselves, go beyond perceived limits, and recognize that they’re made for success. The author’s story dives into the problem, pulls out a solution, and calls readers to action.

Tara Oliphant is a wife, mother, former district attorney investigator, business coach, entrepreneur, and network marketing professional. She spent five years in network marketing, fighting the frustrations and struggles that many people experience before learning and developing systems that create freedom. Oliphant has built a property management company that created multiple six figures within the first year of existence, built coaching platforms, and keeps growing and learning as a leader. She continues mentorship with other high-level leaders in the industry.

Oliphant is passionate about improving professionalism in the network marketing industry. She explains how she achieved this for herself: “I dove into my coaching, studied, watched other leaders, and became a professional student of the industry. I looked forward to each training, lesson, and coaching call. I fell in love with who I was becoming again!”

Initially, lack of results, worries, and backlash from people close to her pulled her back. But rather than shutting out her dreams, these obstacles motivated Oliphant to only grow in knowledge and experience. Her training and knowledge-acquiring led her to realize the importance of her dreams. And it was this realization that paved the road to her success.

“If you have dreams, you can achieve them, but you must first decide that you can! Remember, you were designed for greatness, not mediocrity,” says Oliphant.

The Power of Leadership with Tara Oliphant offers readers real-life solutions to the problem of self-doubt, with every story offering time-tested wisdom and encouragement. Oliphant’s story is just one of many examples of leadership in this must-read book.

Summer Jeronimo, entrepreneur and network marketing coach, explains how Oliphant was meant to be a leader: “Tara is a one-of-a-kind leader! She has shown herself strong time and time again! See, anybody can ‘lead’ when things are good, but when you’re going through a battle—company changes, comp plan changes, and people drama—the true leaders stand up when everyone else sits down. And that’s Tara. She’s not afraid to roll up her shirt sleeves, do what needs to be done, and lead her team through the celebrations and victories as well as the more challenging times. Tara has displayed her leadership time and time again. She has the heart to serve her team, the ambition to go for it, and the courage to lead the way!”

Russell Cater, a multiple-business owner, shares his positive views on Oliphant: “Tara is a focused, purpose-driven Christian entrepreneur destined for success and determined to take as many people with her to the top as possible. Throughout our years of working together, she has displayed the grit it takes to keep going, even when the odds were against her. Her love for others and drive for success have fostered a movement of like-minded people who will follow her wherever she goes, no matter how daunting the task. SHE IS A TRUE INSPIRATION!”

The Power of Leadership with Tara Oliphant is now available on Amazon.

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