Carol E. Plimpton Reveals the Intricacies of a Big and Tight-Knit Family in Her New Book, The Harding Sisters Revisited

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Carol E. Plimpton Reveals the Intricacies of a Big and Tight-Knit Family in Her New Book, The Harding Sisters Revisited

October 14
05:02 2022
The book is a page-turner that has secured the story of the Harding family in the chamber of history

There is an African proverb that says, “You don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you are coming from”. This proverb attempts to capture the power of keeping records, especially records of genealogy and lineage. A comprehensive chronicling of long-gone family members; their contributions to their society and their aspirations which bestow a sense of belonging and pride and helps their descendants learn from their mistakes and make better choices.

Books are an important way of preserving family history as the historical facts and the journey of the progenitors can be written and passed on to the next generation. The Harding Sisters Revisited, written by Carol E. Plimpton, is one such book that is a storehouse of intriguing family history.

The Harding Sisters Revisited is a historical biography that revolves around the large Harding family who lived and passed away on Sterling City Road. In the first few chapters, the reader is quickly introduced to adventurous Grace, maternal Mae, inquisitive Hazel, hardworking Lyman, and seven other Harding sisters whose identities are revealed as the story unfolds. The story captures the loving, sometimes intrusive, relationship between the Harding Sisters, as well as their pains, losses, joys, expectations, and the choices that shape the individual trajectory of their lives against the backdrop of an era synonymous with community living.  

The author of the 244-page book, Carol E. Plimpton, is a Professor Emeritus from the University of Toledo and has employed her remarkable writing talent to craft this irresistible memoir. The story has its roots in her mother’s experience while growing up in a big family, with photos and interesting details included in the book as proof of a full life in those times.

With The Harding Sisters Revisited, Carol has successfully scribbled the story of her maternal side on the sands of time. Speaking on the author’s remarkable feat, Fulfillment and Production Manager of Smart Ribbon Press, Jamie Dupont, had this to say, “Our authors are our brand assets and we have always believed in the power of authors to bring strong influence to society.” Carol’s book has certainly lived up to and exceeded this belief. The Harding Sisters Revisited is available as a Kindle copy for $2.99, while the paperback copy goes for $6.28

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