Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce Is First-Ever Food Product To Introduce Dynamic Pricing

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Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce Is First-Ever Food Product To Introduce Dynamic Pricing

October 14
09:27 2022

Action follows a sudden surge in demand following a bizarre culinary trend where customers are drizzling the zesty sauce over ice cream.
LONDON – October 14th, 2022 – Hebinohà today announced it is introducing dynamic pricing for the purchase of its speciality gourmet sauce. Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce becomes the first food product to use this pricing model following demand from customers that outpaces current production.
This surge in demand follows incidents of “misuse” of the gourmet sauce, where customers are pouring the fragrantly spiced Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce over ice cream to create an offbeat culinary fusion. This trend has led to an increase in orders and for Hebinohà to explore ways to manage demand against limited production.
“Uber, Airbnb, Disney, and the airlines all use dynamic pricing to adjust prices based on demand. Hebinohà chose this model to balance the increased popularity of our sauce against ensuring regular availability for our customers,” said a spokesperson for the business. “We’d love to increase production, but we’re restricted by the availability of key ingredients to the extent that luxury brand Porsche can produce more cars in a month than we can produce bottles of our sauce.”
Dynamic pricing will vary the price of a bottle of Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce from the cheapest £30/US$35 for customers prepared to wait until next year, to £300/US$330 for those who want immediate delivery.
The spokesperson continued, “We created Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce to pair with main dishes, so to see our customers invent new pairings, such as with ice cream, is fascinating and something we now encourage. We anticipate that the introduction of dynamic pricing will allow more people to enjoy our sauce, even if they must wait a few months, and look forward to the next wave of creative combinations.”
About Hebinoha
Designed in London, the concept behind Hebinohà Snaketooth was to create a sauce that melds the signature flavours of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. These regional ingredients, combined with a choppiri of delicate botanicals, bestow Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce with its distinct flavour.
For more information and to shop internationally, visit hebinoha.com

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