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April 28
08:57 2021 Discusses Information about Dot Regulations for Truck Drivers

Trucking companies must evaluate all changes in Department of Transportation regulations that apply to their drivers and business operations. When changes are made, the companies must inform their drivers of the changes and implement policies to enforce the changes. Drivers cannot violate these regulations without facing penalties, and the company must enforce the rules. 

Managing Driving Hours

All truck drivers must comply with restrictions for driving hours. According to the current regulations, all drivers are required to take an eight-hour rest period after driving for at least 12 hours. The changes in the regulations occurred during the pandemic, and while it provided assistance for people throughout the country, the deregulations could have also attributed to more traffic accidents because of lengthy driving schedules. The regulations are in place to keep drivers and others on the road safer according to 

Avoiding Accidents Because of Exhausted Driving

Regulations are in place to mitigate the risk of exhausted driving. Whenever a commercial driver doesn’t rest, they are at an increased risk of traffic accidents because they are exhausted.

Exhausted driving can lead to fatal traffic accidents because the drivers are too tired to maintain control over the commercial vehicle. This is why new changes are in place to correct what caused problems for drivers. USDOT Begins Undoing Trump-Era Restrictions on Rulemaking to improve traffic safety and prevent accidents. 

Completing Road Inspections as Needed

When driving on the road, all commercial drivers are required to stop at weigh stations to ensure that their load is not too heavy or imbalanced. These elements could contribute to an auto accident, too, and the commercial truck could jackknife. The weight of the trailer could increase risks for the driver and prevent them from maintaining control over it. Trucking companies could find out more about the new changes if they go to this site now. 

Complying With PPE Requirements

When operating a commercial vehicle, the driver could come in contact with other people when they stop for gas or supplies. They must wear proper PPE to prevent them from coming in contact with anyone who is in contact with a person infected with COVID-19. The role of the driver and what they are transporting could also require them to wear additional PPE to prevent risk. Trucking companies can learn more about new DOT regulations by visiting a service provider such as Lytx now. 

Maintaining Qualified Drivers

Businesses must maintain qualified drivers to transport goods and operate commercial vehicles. All drivers must be compliant with DOT regulations. This means they must maintain their commercial driver’s license. They must also undergo eye exams and physicals according to the current regulations. Business owners must review the new changes in regulations to remain compliant. 

Trucking businesses operate a variety of commercial vehicles each day, and the drivers must remain compliant with all regulations issued by the DOT. Since the previous administration, there have been significant deregulations that could have led to more auto accidents and risks. With new changes, the DOT will be enforcing more regulations moving forward.

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