Benefits of Offering Personalized Promotions to Service Members with Military Verifications As Explained by

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Benefits of Offering Personalized Promotions to Service Members with Military Verifications As Explained by

April 28
09:00 2021
Benefits of Offering Personalized Promotions to Service Members with Military Verifications As Explained by

Current and former members of the US military put their lives on the line to protect their country and their fellow citizens. They deserve to be rewarded for those sacrifices, and usually, they are. The military takes care of its own when they return home, but business owners can also do their part by offering discounts to veterans and active duty service members. Read on to find out why it’s such a good idea to offer military discounts to the roughly 18 million veterans and active-duty service members in the United States.

Honor Those Who Serve

The most obvious reason to offer discounts to military members is that it’s important to honor the people who serve their country. It’s important to verify current or former membership in the military, though, because there are disreputable people out there who will claim to have served without ever lifting a finger to help America. They give actual service members a bad name and don’t deserve access to the same perks, but it’s easy to weed them out without placing an undue burden on actual veterans and active-duty members with military verifications like this.

Build a Better Brand

Everyone identifies with others as a result of his or her group memberships, but according to, over 85% of veterans and active-duty soldiers identify strongly with the military community. Their spouses, parents, children, and friends are all similarly supportive. Companies that support the military can build a better brand relationship with anyone in their communities who supports the troops, especially service members.

Improve Conversion Rates

Active-duty military members and veterans are more likely to purchase goods or services from companies that offer military discounts or other forms of personalized offers. Conversion rates for companies who choose to support the troops can be up to six times higher, at least among members of the military. Improving conversion rates is the key to increasing revenue, so it’s clear that support for the military also helps to support reputable brands that go out of their way to make service members feel valued.

Easy Implementation

Anyone who’s searched for Wisconsin DMV: Get free ID card ahead of spring election to find out how to prove identity knows that an official military ID carries weight. That said, few current or former members of the military enjoy being forced to produce official verification each time they want to take advantage of a promotion or another offer. 

The good news is, companies like SheerID make it easy to implement service member discounts by verifying customers’ status while they pay. Military customers will appreciate how easy their favorite stores, restaurants, or other businesses make it to take advantage of promotions aimed at active-duty personnel.

Many business owners choose to offer discounts to military members just because they want to support the troops, and that’s great. However, it’s relevant to note that the benefits go both ways. Companies can also benefit from improving their relationship with the military community and boosting their brand image. It’s easy and affordable to create personalized offers for military personnel and vet customers who want to take advantage of them to prevent fraud.

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