How To Make Shirataki Rice And Some Precautions

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How To Make Shirataki Rice And Some Precautions

September 15
07:34 2022

Shirataki is made from the konjac plant – a root vegetable of the taro and yam families. Rice is 97% water and 3% fiber. Miracle rice, konjac rice and shirataki rice are all made from konjac. They are the same product, but have different names. Products made from konjac have been widely used in Japan since the 16th century and are also popular throughout East Asia. Konjac (ancient Chinese name Konjac) is a genus of herbs of the Araceae family [1], widely distributed in China. The whole plant is poisonous, with tuber as the most, can not be eaten raw, need to be eaten after processing, with blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipid, balance salt, clean stomach, intestinal, detoxification and other effects.

Facts about Taki Shiraki→ Shirataki rice (or wonder rice) contains 97% water and 3% dietary fiber.

→ It has elasticity and a jelly-like texture

 Konjac rice is a good weight loss food because it is low in calories and carbohydrates and contains no sugar, fat or protein.

→ When people prepare it correctly, it is a tasteless food.

→ Shirataki rice will change texture when frozen, so it is best not to freeze products made from Shirataki!

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How to make Shirataki rice?Shirataki rice is tasteless, easy to prepare, low in calories and high in fiber. As an Asian who grew up in Asia, rice is a staple in the daily diet, and with my easy and quick method, people will learn the best and correct way to cook shirataki rice like people would in Asia.

1, cook with rice cooker:

put the rice into the bowl with water to rinse several times, directly into the rice cooker, add water to drown the rice can, press the rice cooker cooking key, 10 minutes or so, a bowl of delicious rice is done.People can add their favorite side dishes: broccoli, beef with chili, chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

2. Dry fried rice in a pan

Wash the rice several times, dry the water, brush the pan with oil, put the rice into the stir-fry, put in their favorite side dishes, add salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pot cover for 5 minutes, a delicious fried rice is done.

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