Cardano’s New DAO Platform CECIL is ready for Public Sale

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Cardano’s New DAO Platform CECIL is ready for Public Sale

September 16
00:20 2022
CECIL Network is a next-generation Cardano DAO Platform. Providing investment opportunities with its utility token $CNT.

The new DAO platform CECIL is building a crypto-gig economy by leveraging on Cardano’s power and technology. 

What is CECIL Network? How does it work?

CECIL Network is built and designed to provide a decentralized crypto-backed platform for gig workers and short-service providers. The platform will revolutionize how service providers find work and get paid.

CECIL is the first-ever Cardano DAO project to solve real-life problems.

During the 2020 global pandemic, the gig economy has grown to a 1.7 trillion-dollar market. Businesses or individuals need short-service providers, gig workers, and freelancers all around the world. CECIL Network is entering this giant market by attempting to be the first platform through blockchain technology.

Companies, like Uber or DoorDash, have offered the world a unique way to solve everyday problems with their app. 

Now CECIL and it’s Dapp are bringing this space to the next level by using the peer-to-peer and a Decentralized organization concept where work is incentivized by gig workers giving them power to make decisions for the entire network.

The CECIL Decentralized App (Dapp), which is powered by the Cardano blockchain technology, will provide cost-efficient solutions, which the platform passes to the CECIL community.

The platform is decentralized, transparent, and trustful. Gig workers, content creators, and freelancers will get value for their creativity and labor. 

Cecil’s major benefit for freelancers and gig workers is that they will be able to keep more of their hard earned money because blockchain gives them the opportunity pay a fraction of commissions unlike on traditional platforms.

CECIL will not be only a physical on-demand platform for help, but also a digital service for a website, coding, or any sort of programming.

CECIL Network founder, Justin Howard, is a crypto enthusiastic entrepreneur who has been investing in cryptocurrencies for over a decade

CECIL Accomplishments

CECIL’s journey started in 2018. Since then, the CECIL team has been working on the Dapp and the platform and researching ideas that will make Cecil Network stand out.

In the Third Quarter of 2021, the platform finished building its launch pad and website. In the last Quarter of 2022 and first quarter of 2023 listing on exchanges, CMC, and Coin gecko listing will be accomplished. The platform launched the Dapp and the DAO governance body system in the Second Quarter of this year. The platform is currently private sales to private investors who are interested in Cecil Business Model, and will be commencing its public sales soon. 

It Is Public Sale Time for CECIL Network

$CNT is the native token of the CECIL platform. CNT will be used to reward the liquidity provider users. Token will also be used for exchanging value as well as performing other operations in the CECIL ecosystem. 

CNT holders can make decisions about governance and the general day-to-day running of the ecosystem.

The total supply for $CNT will be 300 million tokens, being a proof of stake token (POS), Holders of the CNT get rewarded for holding CNT.

CECIL will sell 40% of all CNT tokens at the public sale.

CECIL Network public sale will be held on the 10th of October 2022. 

Purchasing CNT

You can buy CNT coins through CECIL’s own launch pad, which you will find a link below. But bear in mind, you will need ADA coin and a Cardano wallet such as Yoroi, Daedalus, Eternl, Nami Wallet, GeroWallet, Typhon and  NuFi just to name a few,in order to purchase CNT token.

Once you have enough ADA coins in your wallet, you can buy $CTN from the CECIL launch pad.

The initial CNT price for the first phase public sale will be $0.10 USD. There will be a minimum purchase of 20 CNT, and a maximum purchase of 2000 CNT.

CECIL Network Public Sale: 10.10.2022

To participate in our public sale visit our website:

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Media Contact
Company Name: CECIL
Contact Person: Justin Howard
Email: Send Email
Phone: +19374786790
Address:PO BOX 475
City: Englewood
State: OH 45322
Country: United States

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