iQibla Releases Misbaha Counter with Multi-Function Features

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iQibla Releases Misbaha Counter with Multi-Function Features

September 16
06:42 2022
iQibla Releases Misbaha Counter with Multi-Function Features
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iQibla is a tech company that produces smart wearable products for 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. Muslims have used their new smart device Zikr1 ring, all over the world.

iQible, a company known for tailoring smart wearable products for Muslims, has released a misbaha counter. This device is called Zikr1, the world’s first tasbih smart ring for Muslims. In the modern-day, Muslims no longer rely on traditional ways to find the Qibla and to know when to pray to Allah. They can now use their smartphone to find the Qibla direction or use a prayer time reminder app without any hassle.

iQibla, a technology company specializing in providing tailor-made smart wearable products for 1.8 billion Muslims, offers a new solution with its best smart ring named Zikr1. The 2022 model Zikr1 is made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 11.7g which is comfortable to wear. It has top features that allow Muslims to pray on time. Zikrl’s 5.1 Bluetooth easily connects to the iQibla app to provide reminders for the five daily prayers via the Zikr1 app and smartphones.

An iQibla representative said, “Our smart rings are specially designed for Muslims in carrying out their worship. We understand that in the modern era, technology has an essential role in society. Therefore, we created the Zikr1 smart ring with a wake up light alarm clock to remind you that it’s time for Fajr prayer. Not only remind you of Fajr prayer, but it can also provide notifications for the five daily prayers. Hence this ring will help Muslims whenever they need to pray to Allah.”

In addition to the wake-up light alarm clock feature, Zikr1 smart ring can be used as a Tasbeeh Smart counter. It has an integrated metal CNC knob to track the daily Tasbih count of the user anywhere and anytime. It is simple to use. Just click the button to count, and when it reaches a certain count like 33, 66, 99, or 100, the ring will vibrate. Other features include a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 days and a 0,49” OLED Display. This OLED screen displays some information such as time, a number of chants, and prayer times.

About iQibla

iQibla is a technology company founded by Younes, a young Arab and a devout Muslim. Younes specializes in Telecommunications and Multimedia. Younes creates smart wear products for Muslims, along with friends Rajesh, Jack Shao, and Tiger Shan. Now, iQibla has developed and has a wide range of products, such as the Qibla Watch, Zikr Ring, and Prayer Rug. For more information about iQibla and its smart wear product, the Zikr1 smart ring, please visit:

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