Rising Young Female Filmmakers to Watch in 2023: Melicka Jamshidabadi “Melicka Studio”

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Rising Young Female Filmmakers to Watch in 2023: Melicka Jamshidabadi “Melicka Studio”

September 16
21:24 2022

Filmmaker Melicka Jamshidabadi has reached new heights in the film industry, making headlines for not only her growing following on social media for her unique filmmaking techniques and creativity, but also her excellent work in the film industry with her award winning short films. She describes her passion for filmmaking and art in an interview as she mentions, “I have always admired all forms of art because it speaks to us on a deeper level,… I believe that films have the greatest influence on us because while still images and pieces of art have their own beauty, films move us through a story with the characters and make us get lost in their world.” Melicka believes that filmmaking allows people to express their imagination and bring it to Life.

The LAFA film festival award winner goes in depth about her success with her short film “Disparity”.

The concept for this film occurred to her while watching the Fireworks. Although visually stunning and exciting, Jamshidabadi saw something else. She describes the sound of  Fireworks, while full of beauty and excitement, it can be a terrifying sound elsewhere. “I used the same sound to show two different scenarios and capture the different perspectives of each without any dialogue.” Moreover, she mentions that she “made this film to raise awareness, and help bring peace and comfort to the people that experience hardships from war, poverty, and hunger”.  

Although she realizes the film industry is an intimidating and competitive place, Melicka continues to create films that tell meaningful stories. “To me, film is an approach of expressing my thoughts and views and passing it on to share the experience with others” Jamshidabadi said. “Films have the power to make people laugh and cry and even change their views on the world. Films can open our minds and make us see things in new ways.” The young filmmaker takes on new challenges as she enters the film industry with a promising future. Melicka anticipates creating her own feature films with her skills of creative storytelling and cinematography in the coming years. 

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