Upgraded Version of Antbox-Minerbase, the immersion cooling mining container

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Upgraded Version of Antbox-Minerbase, the immersion cooling mining container

September 21
18:33 2022

New York – cMotion Technologies Limited,the patent owner of Antbox, has launched a new generation of mining containers – Minerbase. Similar to Antbox, Minerbase is a mobile mining farm solution for ASIC miners. This series comes with a larger capacity, immersion cooling and many other features.

According to cMotion, Minerbase currently has launched the A series, L series and T series, which stands for air cooling and liquid cooling systems respectively. Both series support faster and cheaper deployment because they are modular. According to testing conducted by cMotion, Minerbase liquid cooling (L series) will shorten the server deployment time, compared to a conventional mining farm of comparable capacity, by up to three months. In addition, the construction expenses can be reduced by as much as 50% when compared to conventional mining farms of the same size. Another  common feature between the two series is widespread compatibility with ASIC miner brands such as Antminer, Whatsminer and Avalon.

The Minerbase A series and L series each have new unique features. The A series has a larger capacity that supports up to 336 units of Antminer S19. However, users can order smaller versions equivalent in size to a 20ft shipping container. Generally speaking, the A series is a cost-effective option with an average hosting cost as low as $78 per miner*. The L series has the immersion liquid cooling system that is more advanced in terms of cooling technology. It is able to adapt to environments with high temperature & humidity. Its contra-flow closed cooling towers are extremely energy efficient, given that the maximum evaporation rate of circulating water can be maintained at approximately 0.5%.

Other highlighted features of the Minerbase L series include the intelligent operation system and overclocking.  With a PLC-based automatic control system, it helps reduce the amount of work required by humans when making decisions, which results in increased performance and efficiency. The L series also provides a superior overlocking environment for mining equipment.  Miners with air cooling can adopt the oil tank by removing their fans (a fan simulator is required).

cMotion announced its upcoming product, Minerbase T series, the integrated oil tank that introduces the water heat recycling feature. By deploying the T series, miners will be able to recover heat generated from crypto mining for greenhouse agriculture, fish farming, underfloor heating and many other great use cases.

To deal with the ever changing landscapes of Bitcoin mining, cMotion has strived to provide miners with more efficient options for data center constructions and operations.

(*The statistics are provided by cMotion for reference purposes only. The actual cost may vary depending on your individual circumstances.)

About cMotion 

cMotion Technologies Limited, the team behind Antbox and Minerbase,  is a leading provider in data center and software technology services. With 160 global employees from Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba, Bitmain and other leading tech companies, Minerbase team has accumulated rich experience in software and hardware technologies while holding a number of core technology patents in the field of container data centers. In July 2022, the Minerbase LN40, AN40 and AE40 data center products were released.

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://www.minerbase.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMinerbase

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEWPRll6x9Cp_V4y5q3sSvA

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