Genie Rocket Shows How to Create More Results in Less Time Without Being a Tech Wizard

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Genie Rocket Shows How to Create More Results in Less Time Without Being a Tech Wizard

September 22
02:36 2022
This company lets businesses save time with automated systems from social media posts to sales and marketing campaigns.

Managing a business is challenging. Automation is key to efficiency for enterprise owners who need more resources in one or two business areas. When it comes to business process automation, Genie Rocket, an all-in-one business growth platform, helps businesses streamline their processes to ensure profitability.

Presented by marketing expert Brad Parnell, Genie Rocket is a plug-in solution for any business that lets it create highly targeted audiences, send impactful email and text campaigns, and manage communications.

“We all want to grow, but unless we start to relinquish some control, we’ll continue to be stuck in the same spot. Luckily, we can apply a little cheat code by leveraging automation. That allows us to have preset control elements in place, but having them automatically fire, even while you’re sleeping,” says Brad.

According to Brad, automation allows business owners to focus on strategy, become a better leader, and deliver consistent experiences. Among the things they should prioritize are calendar bookings and reminders, missed call SMS replies, and pipeline stage changes.

When it comes to calendar reminders, he suggests having at least five personalized yet on-point ones. This may sound like overkill but it is crucial, especially for busy leaders. “You’d be surprised how many times we get thanked for having this system for busy clients that would have otherwise forgotten, or it missed showing up on their calendar,” says Brad.

In case there are any missed calls, he suggests setting up an automatic text messaging system. “This encourages new conversations and demonstrates to your client or potential client that you are on top of things,” explains Brad.

Lastly, for pipeline stage changes, he suggests creating a map of the business sales process, then automating the messages at each level. “Whether your sales process is complex or simple, it’s important to map it out and visualize all your deals in different phases of your sales process.” Automatic text or emails can be added as the deal moves to a different level.

All these automation processes can be done via Genie Rocket. A bonus training video is available in this link, along with a detailed blog post explaining the processes.

Feedback for the brand has completely endorsed Genie Rocket and how it simplifies business processes and makes way for business success. One of its clients, Kyleigh from Grassroots Media, said “Brad and I just set up a text campaign and we have 41 responses within the first five minutes.” After 10 more minutes, she had 88 leads. These results came with zero ad spend.

Another client, Coach Malaki, from HIIT Factory in Keller, Texas, said “Genie Rocket has been the missing link that we’ve needed as a small boxing studio to get all the good things to happen in here to the public. It has been that marketing platform that we’ve been looking for, that we’ve utilized and continue to utilize to bring more customers in. The platform to communicate with customers and potential clients has been great with the use of the mobile app. It allows me as a small business owner to communicate directly with them, to get information out to them quickly through the website platform that’s available on Genie Rocket. The chat widgets that are available allow me to have quick access to a potential client, which otherwise, if we didn’t have Genie Rocket, we would have been lost.”

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About Genie Rocket

Genie Rocket is a sales and marketing tool that enables business owners to develop funnels and follow-ups to increase leads and sales. Established by marketing expert Brad Parnell, the brand helps existing businesses sell their products and services online for maximum returns.

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