Should the insurance policy cover their kid?

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Should the insurance policy cover their kid?

September 23
17:36 2022

In case someone’s child is a licensed driver and lives at home with them, it makes sense for anyone to add them to their car insurance policy. The failure to do so may result in serious financial consequences if they are involved in an accident that can lead to serious injuries. The premiums for their policy will go up if they add them to it, but if they don’t have them they won’t pay anything.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at, suggests a few things to keep in mind:

  • If one has a teenager who is a licensed driver, and he or she lives at home with them, they should include them on their insurance policy
  • Before they add their child to their car insurance policy, one might want to check out the tips for lowering their premiums
  • A child’s policy can be added to their own policy for a much lower cost than purchasing an individual policy for them

If they’re a parent with a teenager who’s starting to use the family car, one may be wondering if their child needs to be added to their insurance policy. The answer depends on which state they live in and which insurance company they have, but in some cases even if their child doesn’t use their vehicle, they’ll still need to add them to their policy.  Like others one might be asking themselves do one have to add their child to their insurance policy? If so then here’s what else one should know about adding children to car insurance policies.

Should they add their child to the insurance policy?

Within the legally required time period in their state, one needs to add their child, if they are a licensed driver and live in their household. A parent needs to inform the insurance company that their teenager is driving, or they will be able to cancel the policy (and deny any claim that is filed).

It is important to understand that driving accidents caused by teenagers without insurance can have serious financial implications for them. When it comes to allowing their teenager to drive, one should check the local laws and talk to their insurance agent if they want to allow them to drive.

It is imperative that their child has insurance coverage; if they cannot get their own policy as a minor, then they must ensure that they are covered under their policy.

Depending on the state and their insurance provider, their child may be able to stay on their policy even when they move out or go away to college.  However, if they own a car in their name, then they will have to obtain their own separate policy for coverage.

Their child may need to be added to their policies if the other parent is not married to them. Whether the child has access to their cars and the children’s living arrangements will determine this.

Does adding their child to the car insurance increase the premium?

If they’re thinking about adding their child to their auto insurance policy, be prepared for their rates to go up significantly. The amount of increase will depend on the factors used by their insurance company to assess risk and determine rates, but Adding a driver under 25 years old can increase the rate by up to 161%. One should note that it is usually more cost-effective to add their child to the policy than to get them their own policy. Most companies will not charge them a higher premium as long as their child has a learner’s permit.

How can one handle an accident involving their child?

The possibility exists that one may have to pay even more for their insurance premium if they get a traffic ticket or are involved in an accident. Furthermore, male drivers tend to pay more for their auto insurance because they are more likely to die in a car accident than women.

Should they list their kid on car insurance in order to save money?

If they’re looking for affordable car insurance, it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare rates from different companies. Some insurers may offer discounts if their child is away at college or won’t have access to the vehicle during part of the year. 

If they’re looking to get the best bang for their buck on car insurance, be sure to ask about these three discounts: the good student discount, the low-mileage discount, and the bundling discount. Insurance companies offer these discounts in order to incentivize safe driving and responsible behavior, so if they qualify for any of them, be sure to mention them when shopping around for a policy!

In addition to their child’s type of car, the type of car they drive also affects the rates. Getting them a cheaper, used model will reduce the premiums. One has several options when it comes to insuring their teenage driver. One can add them as additional drivers to their policy, buy them their own car and insurance, or have them take a safe driving course which will help reduce rates.

One can find a list of driving schools in their state by contacting the National Safety Council or AAA. No matter which option they choose, adding a child to their car insurance policy will give them peace of mind knowing they are protected.

Things one needs to remember when adding their child to the car insurance

In order to avoid legal and financial ramifications, they should make sure that their teenager is properly insured as soon as they become eligible to drive. It is usually the most cost-effective solution to add their child to their own policy, even though this will most likely result in a higher premium, to ensure that their child is covered. As a final note, if one is looking to get the best deal that suits their specific needs, feel free to shop around and compare the offers from different companies.

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