Technology innovation and development trend of aluminum bottle manufacturing

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Technology innovation and development trend of aluminum bottle manufacturing

September 27
00:00 2022

The technical growth of the manufacturing sector is changing day by day as a result of the push of industrialization, intelligence, and big data. The production of IE custom aluminum bottles is not an exception, with the application of new technologies developing.

1. Aluminum bottles with an embossed design Due to advancements in mold technology, the embossing process is now capable of being applied to aluminum bottle designs. After the design of the pattern has been completed, the body of the OEM aluminum bottles is treated in a variety of embossed patterns using specialized molds and certain procedures. This occurs after the pattern has been designed. Aluminum bottles that have been embossed may provide “unique, distinctive” qualities to the product in addition to serving as an anti-counterfeiting function.

2. 9-color high-definition printing: the conventional method of printing on aluminum bottles is very straightforward, consisting mostly of field printing; as a result, the printing process is single, and the pattern lacks three-dimensionality and realism.As a result of the utilization of laser engraving (DLE) plate making and 9-color letterpress printing technology in the manufacturing of aluminum bottles, the rich dots and layers can present a more realistic sense of product patterns. In addition, there is a stronger color contrast between light and dark tones, and there is no loss of fine dots. As a result, the printing effect of aluminum bottles is exquisite, natural, and clear, and the reproduction of physical patterns can be described as being lifelike and exquisite.

3. Photochromic aluminum bottle cans: When photochromic ink is printed on aluminum bottles, the ink has the ability to absorb the energy of sunlight or ultraviolet light and produce a change in molecular structure. This change in molecular structure will eventually lead to a change in absorption wavelength and, as a result, a change in color. When the UV radiation or sunshine is no longer present, the original chemical structure is restored, and the color returns to its natural state.

4. Tactile aluminum bottles: Tactile matte inks are developed with high grade pigments and demonstrate outstanding coverage, UV resistance, adhesion, and anti-stick capabilities. Additionally, these inks are packaged in aluminum bottles that have a tactile finish. The “heavy hand, warm grasp” that may be provided by a bottle made of tactile aluminum can be quite pleasant.

5. Thermochromic aluminum bottles: Thermochromic ink is printed aluminum bottles, and the ink changes color at a specified temperature owing to the transfer of electrons. This causes a change in the atomic structure of organic matter, which is referred to as the thermochromic effect. The temperature at which temperature-sensitive color change occurs at its most fundamental level is -5.78 degrees Celsius.

6. Full body shaped deformed aluminum bottle: Under the condition of precise and fine mold processing technology, we are able to make various shaped aluminum bottles by changing the mold shaping structure, adjusting the mold space, and employing other methods, as well as combining the properties of flexible and ductile aluminum bottle material.

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