Helpful Tips for Podcast Advertising According to

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Helpful Tips for Podcast Advertising According to

September 29
04:10 2022
Helpful Tips for Podcast Advertising According to

When someone decides to launch podcasts, the goal is to get people to listen. Spreading the word about a new podcast is difficult at times because podcasters do not know what avenues to use or how to approach advertising. Podcasters who want to reach a larger audience should check out this site

Tips for Podcast Advertising

Promoting a new podcast requires dedication and the right approach. While some podcasts seem to take off overnight, most podcasters find it takes an ongoing effort to attract listeners and see results. The following tips will help podcasters reach their full audience potential, according to 

  • One of the first things podcasters need to do to advertise their podcasts is to make them simple for people to share. Create snippets and quote images to ensure guests find it easy to share podcasts with their friends and family. When multiple people begin to share a podcast, it can take off rapidly. 

  • Sharing on social media is incredibly important, but the shares must be done in creative ways to intrigue potential audiences. For instance, when reading about A little more conversation: how programmatic is driving podcast ad innovation, podcasters learn the importance of social media. Try pinning a podcast, creating interesting teasers, or making soundbites. It is all about keeping things interesting for viewers. 

  • It is essential that podcasters do not open their channel until they have recorded at least three podcasts. On launch day, a library of content is necessary because viewers want to know there will be more podcasts available. Some podcasters have discovered negative reviews because they only had one podcast to offer on Spotify.

  • Utilizing online streaming like YouTube is another way to create interest in podcasts. Converting the audio to video is highly effective at drawing an audience. Many podcasters are finding adding all their podcast episode audio to videos adds excitement. 

  • Podcasters should also consider submitting their podcast episodes to aggregators and podcatchers. While these have cool names, they are simply apps that play a variety of podcasts. Submitting podcasts to these apps helps podcasters grow their audiences and see greater followings. 

  • Another thing podcasters should do when pursuing advertising is to transcribe their audio. Some of the most successful podcasters have full transcripts of their podcast episode audios. Some podcasters only transcribe the highlights of their podcasts

Create an Exciting Contest for Viewers

Most everyone likes a fun contest. The chance to win something gets everyone excited, much like the thrill of opening gifts. Contests provide an easy way to engage podcast audiences. Podcasters should make sure the entry requirement involves leaving a review of the podcast. Podcasters will find running a contest offers a non-threatening way to gain many reviews. 

Start the Process Now

There is no time like the present to get started on advertising a podcast. Becoming successful at podcasting begins by giving the audience what they want and working towards garnering as many positive reviews as possible. 

Success cannot be reached overnight, but it is attainable with consistent effort and the tips above. Advertising in a variety of ways will help new podcasters grow their channels.

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