MrBeast Fan Token smashes their raise and token launch. Donations to MrBeast’s charities made with big plan

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MrBeast Fan Token smashes their raise and token launch. Donations to MrBeast’s charities made with big plan

October 04
16:33 2022

MrBeast Fan Token sent shockwaves after a hyped and well executed fairlaunch on Pinksale that managed to raise a staggering 841 BNB. The community and team are engaged and continuously working towards their shared vision and in expanding the project to fuel their global mission in philanthropy.

The team has been on top of their game and many now await to see how they deliver following their successful PancakeSwap launch and how they take the project forward in the coming days. The project has generated huge budgets for marketing, charity and dividends from volume in just the first 12 hours of launch. At this rate the project is well on-track to having some serious leveraging power when it comes to fulfilling their objectives.

Numerous core members of the MrBeast Fan Token team are on a hot streak with their last project, Tate Token, amassing 374 BNB in its fairlaunch to then go on to achieve an almost 100 fold return. They are now working with an even bigger budget, close to $100,000, as well as the expertise and capabilities to potentially out-do their previous endeavor. A high budget with a competent and experienced team is an extremely powerful combination and it will be interesting to see where it can take the project and how much of a positive impact they can make to the world following their set upon goals.

MrBeast is a household name adored across the globe with a 104 million subscriber count that can not be taken lightly. He has garnered attention on an immense international scale and reach that has been facilitated by his YouTube subsidiary channels that translate his content into an array of different languages. He is hands down the greatest philanthropic social media sensation on the planet having given away tens of millions of dollars. 

MrBeast Fan Token is a fan token of MrBeast with plans to capture his attention through charitable efforts in cryptocurrencies. They plan to embark on a voyage of philanthropic deeds too, funded through a 2% buy and sell tax on their token and have already begun their donations to establish their commitment to this global cause. Making their first positive impact on the world with initial donations to Team Trees and Team Seas which are two charities founded by MrBeast himself. They plan to make daily donations with funds raised as well to involve their community in deciding where the rest of their raised charity funds are allocated and eventually doing so through a DAO function. 

MrBeast Fan Token has set out on some solid marketing plans including continuing their already successful crypto-niche marketing campaign that involves a combination of high credited call channels, Mass DM outreach campaign to previously accredited charity, meme and fan tokens as well as AMAs. Furthermore, they promise the enrolling of high-level influencer campaigns and partnerships. We’ve seen billboards to be very effective mechanisms for marketing in the past and MBFT is capitalizing on this. They have various billboard mock-ups that they have presented to their community and plan to deploy these in MrBeast’s hometown of North Carolina to grab his attention in the hopes of bringing a positive comment from MrBeast commending their philanthropic work and initiatives.

All in all, there is a lot to digest with MrBeast Fan Token with so much going on. The team is devoted to delivering on its goals and the community just as eager in conjunctively bringing positive impacts on the world and we look forward to watching where this goes from here.

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