MST (Master Token) Launches Global Expansion Plan and Launches DAO Governance Mechanism

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MST (Master Token) Launches Global Expansion Plan and Launches DAO Governance Mechanism

October 14
07:15 2022

Recently, MST (Master Token) announced that it will launch a global expansion plan and launch strategic cooperation with more mainstream communities. At the same time, MST launched the MS community and adopted the DAO governance mechanism to attract more communities to join to build the world’s strongest community alliance, and combined with MS technology to realize the MST vision.

MST (Master Token) is released from the MS community in the United States. MS stands for “Master”. MS Community in the United States was established in March 2017. Its main business is traditional BTC and ETH mining. Due to the continuous development of the cryptocurrency industry in recent years and the gradual introduction of community construction, MS Community was established and has its own foundation.

MS Community established in the United States because of the legal and compliance of mining in the United States, as well as the cooperation with several large legal mines in the United States. MS community has organized blockchain research departments at the beginning of its establishment, laid out some traditional blockchains and incubated some projects, which is the origin of MS community.

At the beginning, the traditional mining of MS community was operated with private funds and capital, so there was not much layout. Of course, from 2017 to now, they have also gone through the process of bull bear market. They found that community development is crucial to the future blockchain industry, and they can make a big layout with the help of communities. Therefore, MS communities want to operate through community alliances, and layout a larger global market to meet the next bull market.

MS Community promotes cooperation with overseas partners. In addition to K Mining, a Texas mine in the United States, there are also some investors behind the scenes to cooperate with them in mining. They also have cooperation with the Quantmax Foundation in Singapore, Timestamp VC in the United States, and listed companies in NASDAQ and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Quantmax Fund in Singapore and Timestamp VC in the United States are quite famous. Timestamp VC is a very famous financial service institution in the United States, so it has invested in some mining and incubation projects around the world. Quantmax itself is mainly mining, so these two institutions are very experienced in financial services, and they are also the earliest participants in Ethereum and EOS.

The future ecological layout of MST will be combined with web3.0. Intelligent hardware and the Internet of Things will enable more devices to access the Internet and integrate into the social life of users, which is the foundation of the web 3.0 era. MS technology team will also build a decentralized community social software, 3D NFT data collection aggregation platform, Metaverse life ecology, AR/VR chain game, artificial intelligence mall, etc. The ten-year ambitious plan of MST is also the target of the global MS community alliance. With MST, there is infinite possibility.

MST has increased 497.7% since it was launched on September 21, 2022, and its market value has reached 2.1 million USDT. The closing price on October 11 was 1.07 USDT. According to Albert Schneider, the head of the MS community in the United States, MST received good comments from many communities after its fair launch. For the mechanism design of MST, this is the best way to provide bundled services for preachers, communities and investors. It is believed that this is a belief basis for mutual sharing and consensus. With strong beliefs and consensus, MST will reach the peak of the next bull market. MST will be the most valuable token in the strongest mechanism of DAO 2.0 in the future, and will also play a full ecological value when the era of WEB 3.0 comes.

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