Magical Moments at London Fashion Week: André Soriano’s Dazzling Finale

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Magical Moments at London Fashion Week: André Soriano’s Dazzling Finale

September 27
18:36 2023

Renowned Artist Madame Yanbo Huang Shines at André Soriano’s Spectacular Finale during London Fashion Week – On September 16, 2023, the Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s was transformed into a fashion wonderland.  André Soriano’s spectacular finale at London Fashion Week, hosted by the House of iKons was truly a magical moment with a total spectacular 41 gowns, suits and hand painted silk shawls by Award Winning Artist Yanbo Huang. HOI’s London Fashion Week was a magnet for top designers, models, fashion enthusiasts, and thousands of attendees from all corners of the world.

International supermodels and designers from places like the US, UK, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Finland, Japan, China, Thailand, and the Philippines came together to showcase their incredible talent in London. It was a global celebration of different cultures, values, and artistic skills.

The highlight of the evening was André Soriano’s grand finale, showcasing his “The Duchess & Duke” collection. Accompanied by the celebrated tenor Sergi Carreras and Dr. Sarah Zhai Strauss, who performed ‘O Sole Mio’ and ‘Libiamo’ live on stage, Soriano presented a stunning array of 41 glamorous gowns and suits, marking the largest collection at London Fashion Week. Soriano’s collection seamlessly merged high fashion, fine art, and grand opera into a captivating presentation, solidifying his reputation as an artist-designer.

(Sergi Carreras and Dr. Sarah Zhai Strauss performed ‘O Sole Mio’ and ‘Libiamo’)

House of iKons’ London Fashion Week on September 16 grace the illustrious halls of Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s on September 16, 2023, attracted top designers, models, fashion magazines and thousands of attendees from around the globe.

Fashion critics stated, “André’s true artistry emerges most vividly in the realm of exquisite bridal wear and couture gowns, where he crafts dreams into reality.

Each stitch, each fold, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to marrying the tactile with the aesthetic.”

“His mantra remains resolute: fashion is an expression of liberation!”

André’s designs have not merely graced the pages of Italian Vogue but have also found their place of honor within the folds of various esteemed national US publications.

Yet, it was in the crucible of reality television that he truly ignited, captivating audiences with his flair and ingenuity.

The spotlight found him in 2013 as a breakout star on Bravo TV’s debut season of Styled to Rock, a fashion extravaganza masterminded by none other than the illustrious Rihanna.

This pivotal exposure served as a launchpad, propelling André into the orbit of celebrity clientele.”

What made André Soriano’s creations truly unique was his collaboration with the talented artist Madame Yanbo Huang. She’s an award-winning artist known for her excellence at the 2023 ArtExpo New York, alongside famous artists like Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama. Madame Huang added her magic touch by hand-painting luxurious shawls that adorned the models. These shawls were true collectibles, each one a unique piece of art with delicate flowers, plants, and butterflies. It took weeks to paint them, stroke by stroke, using Madame Huang’s special paint formula. These shawls were wearable fine art, and they added a touch of sophistication to the high fashion designs.

(Hand painted shawl by the Award-Winning artist, Yanbo Huang)

(Kiss of Nature, painted by the Award-Winning artist, Yanbo Huang)

Fashion critics couldn’t stop praising André Soriano’s artistry, especially in his bridal wear and couture gowns. His designs were all about making dreams come true, blending touch and aesthetics perfectly.

André Soriano’s designs weren’t just in fashion magazines; they found their place in prestigious US publications. He even became a breakout star on Bravo TV’s “Styled to Rock” in 2013, thanks to his unique style and creativity.

His design range was incredible, spanning from activewear to sensual lingerie and classic evening attire. His collection, “The Duchess and the Duke,” drew inspiration from old Hollywood glamour, tailored for both modern women and men. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, and Beyoncé loved his work, and their praise filled social media and press features.

The House of iKons fashion show was a hotspot for top designers like André Soriano and emerging talents like Yanbo Huang. It was a place where creativity, diversity, and trends for the future came to life.

Global Dragon TV was the exclusive media partner and producer of André Soriano’s London Fashion Show Grand Finale.

(Team André Soriano with over 50 top models and production team congratulated André’s Grand Finale success at the London Fashion Week 2023)

For further information about André Soriano’s collection and to purchase, please visit www.André and Celebrity Designer Andre Soriano – Grand Finale London Fashion Week Tickets, Sun, Sep 10, 2023 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite

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