Author John Fayhee Documents His Quest to Hike Every Day For a Year In New Book

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Author John Fayhee Documents His Quest to Hike Every Day For a Year In New Book

December 08
22:36 2023
New release from Mimbress Press explores author and outdoor enthusiast John Fayhee’s experiences hiking every day for a year with his dog.

In a bustling world filled with constant noise and distraction, the allure of nature’s serene embrace beckons many seeking solace and connection. John Fayhee, an intrepid author and outdoor enthusiast, invites readers on a remarkable journey through his latest book, “A Long Tangent,” published by Mimbres Press. This captivating narrative is a fusion of travel essay, philosophy, and satire, chronicling Fayhee’s transformative experience hiking the rugged terrains of New Mexico’s Gila National Forest every day for an entire year alongside his faithful companion, his dog Casey.

At the core of “A Long Tangent” lies a thoughtful exploration of the profound tangible and intangible benefits derived from connecting with nature in relative solitude. Fayhee’s relentless commitment to exploring the wilderness daily unveils compelling, humorous, and insightful ways in which this communion with the natural world enriches one’s creativity, insightfulness, and gratitude.

The invigorating effects of daily immersion in nature for an entire year cannot be overstated. Fayhee’s shared experience underscores the compelling and alluring idea of disconnecting to engage. Nature serves as a wellspring of inspiration. The vastness of the wilderness, the symphony of sounds, and the kaleidoscope of colors, along with the challenges of the terrain, weather, and solitude, all stimulate Fayhee’s creativity. As he shares his encounters with the untamed landscapes of the Gila, he allows it to fuel his writing, showcasing how solitude amidst nature can ignite imagination and breathe life into reinvigorating one’s spirit and artistic endeavors.

But this is more than a book about hiking.

“A Long Tangent” is humorous, authentic, and inspirational, reminding us of power of observation, being present, and friendship. Amidst the tranquil wilderness, Fayhee discovers the art of mindful living. Disconnecting from the cacophony of modern life, Fayhee savors each moment, cultivating a deep level of introspection. This mindfulness fosters an appreciation for the simplest pleasures, nurturing a heightened sense of awareness and thoughtfulness.

In this meandering memoir, Fayhee takes readers on a journey through some of the 3.3 million acres of the Gila—once the stomping grounds of Billy the Kid and Geronimo and the world’s first legally designated wilderness area. Along the way, Fayhee reflects on everything from nature, wild animals, exploding rocks, and mystery mountains to aging, marriage, poorly worded religious texts, and so much more.

“A Long Tangent” isn’t merely a chronicle of physical exploration; it’s a testament to the transformative power of nature’s solitude. John Fayhee’s odyssey through the Gila Wilderness truly encapsulates what is means to be one with nature. As readers traverse the pages of this captivating narrative, they embark on a parallel journey of self-discovery.

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